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Please find below examples that demonstrate what the ECA is standing for and actively supporting. Please feel free to share these links with others in order to help promoting the circus arts as a part of Europe’s cultural heritage.

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HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco founded in 2013 the Baby and Nepal Association and takes care daily, with passion, the two elephants. Baby and Nepal which belong to Cirque Pinder were received July 12, 2013 by Princess Stéphanie on the domain Fonbonne in Peille (Alpes Maritimes).

Two links for videos about the daily life off Princess Stephanie and Baby & Nepal.




Circus Gerd Sperlich is the leader in the School Project Circus in Germany. They made a nice movie about her ativities.

Feel free to watch and share the link.

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The Joey Gärtner family and their elephants are the „stars“ of an eleven minutes documentary filmed during the latest International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo. The professionally shot video is a great example of husbandry and care in the circus and the way the Gärtners live and work with their elephants. Please take a look and share this video:

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On behalf of the ECA Christian Nolens produced a video at Cirque Arlette Gruss demonstrating the beauty of the classical circus. In interviews, Gilbert Gruss and Alfredo Beautour explain the way they treat their animals while the camera takes a look behind the scenes to show the animals’ stables and training. Please take a look and share this video: